Avast Ye Swabs!

By this point the Pirate Bay trial over there in Sweden, the country that’s home to my favorite ethnically stereotypical Muppet, is in full swing. I’m sure you’ve all been paying close attention to it, and if you haven’t, well, you damn well should. This is important shit happening kids, and the verdict has the potential to change our world in very real ways. Of course, even if the Pirate Bay guys are found guilty of the charges that haven’t been dropped yet, we won’t see the end of file sharing. But, if they are acquitted on all charges we can expect to see and explosion of foreign host tracker sites.

Personally, I expect that they’ll be found not guilty of most of the charges, but they’ll be smacked with a small penalty, just to keep the RIAA and American copyright holders happy.

For the record, I’m against any and all form of copyright protection. Now I know that as I writer I should be for them, because they’re the only thing keeping people from stealing the fruits of my mind womb and pimping them out for profit (theoretically at least), but as I see it, internet piracy is a non crime. Nothing is taken or given, a downloaded song or book or movie is just a bunch of rearranged light particles that represent the theoretical product (or something like that, I’m kind of vague on how computers really work).

So, pay attention kids, this shit matters.

Go check out wired.com, they’ve been covering this shit really well for a while now.

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