Tales From The Triple Set

Red Bull erected a Triple Set at NC Boardshop in Los Gatos CA and let some dudes play with it.

Words By Donovan Dresti. Photos by Sean Rossmiller

This was the second year of the Red Bull Triple set at NC boardshop in Los Gatos, Ca. The simple jam format went off.  Casual 7 man heats gave the heads plenty of time to throw down some bangers. The Pros and Ams equally hucked themselves onto the man sized hubba ledge and down the lengthy triple set drop. You did not want to miss a try, because every second something gnarly was going down. There were insanely difficult tricks that came off effortless and there was frustration when boards shoot off into the crowd. The jam was electric; the last three men standing were, 1st place Paul Trep. Paul threw switch frontside flip, back tailed the hubba, nollie backside flip, and on and on. His style, power, and laziness was daunting making difficult skateboarding look easy. 2nd place went to Red Bull’s own Ryan Decenzo, whose nollie heelflip down the triple melted my face. It was so clean that it made realize how good these Canadian kids are, razor sharp. He also front blunt slid the hubba, nollie nosegrind, and front 360 ollie etc, the kids good, real good. 3rd was Ricky Webb who just slayed the nollie heel noseslide, amongst more flippery down the Red Bull triple. In all the Red Bull triple set at NC boardshop was a banger, and as Paul Trep says “can’t wait for next year”

Brad Hammers a Big Spin Flip

Brad Hammers a Big Spin Flip

The Setup

Ryan Decenzo’s Frontside Blunt

Tyler Mumma

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