sex decks

SEX DECKS | By Jay Riggo

Sex Decks By Jay Riggo Sex Decks By Jay Riggo I have an absolutely horrible memory. I seriously can’t remember a goddamned thing–especially when it comes to practical things like memorizing my social…

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jubilee Street

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Our favorite Australians, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have just released their  latest video, “Jubilee Street”.  Jubilee Street is the on the band’s fifteenth studio album ‘Push The…


Michael Sieben Interview

Michael Sieben Interview by Shawn Rylander Everyone who skates knows a guy that gets the ball rolling. Whether it’s pumping a not so perfect pool, pouring renegade concrete, or building roller coaster backyard…

Karl and Elan Watson

Like Father Like Son: Karl and Elan Watson

On Thursday October 11th Karl and Elan Watson had their first art show together at FTC in San Francisco. The event was appropriately titled “Like Father Like Son.” Check out the highlights from…

Gary Guf Frayer Jr.

Gary Guf Frayer Jr.

Gary Guf Frayer Jr. Gary Guf Frayer Jr. has always had a knack for art.  Friends knew he had talent when he showed up at a high school Halloween party in a Gene…

Words by Ari Evan Gold

Grip Tape Art

Grip Tape Art SKATEBOARD ART is usually associated with the bottom part of your board.  Wack, dirty grip can sketch many people out. Grip tape and your shoes are what you look down…

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