sex decks

SEX DECKS | By Jay Riggo

Sex Decks By Jay Riggo Sex Decks By Jay Riggo I have an absolutely horrible memory. I seriously can’t remember a goddamned thing–especially when it comes to practical things like memorizing my social…

Unlocking The Truth

Unlocking The Truth

Unlocking The Truth It recently came to my attention that there exists a basement in Flatbush Brooklyn. This basement could quite possibly become hallowed ground for future generations of Metal enthusiasts. Why? Because…

Missfire Monday Dan Crosby

Missfire Monday By Dan Crosby

Missfire Monday Dan Crosby Dan Crosby is an art director and fashion photographer living in Mexico City. He works with some of the most recognized modeling agencies in Mexico.  You can see more…

Words By Kendall Klopfenstein

Derelict’s Guide To Portland Strip Clubs

Derelict’s Guide To Portland Strip Clubs The last time I talked to Migdol, he mentioned doing a piece on Portland, which not coincidentally, is where I live. I am a resident of the…


Michael Sieben Interview

Michael Sieben Interview by Shawn Rylander Everyone who skates knows a guy that gets the ball rolling. Whether it’s pumping a not so perfect pool, pouring renegade concrete, or building roller coaster backyard…

Interspecies Gay Marriage_v2

Interspecies Gay Marriage

INTERSPECIES GAY MARRIAGE It a bittersweet moment in any parent’s life, the day that their young one finds true love and leaves the nest to establish a family of his or her own. …

Carla. Photo: Michael Antorietto

Missfire Monday

By Jay Riggio

Skate Dopplegangers

Skate Dopplegangers Since most of this planet is obsessed with vanity and making themselves look more appealing, I recently began to ponder the issue of personal appearance.  If somebody looks as bad as…

Words By Chas Smith, Phtos by Dutch Atkinson

The Axis Of Evil

The Axis Of Evil Normal people don’t go to Syria and skate. But then again, normal people aren’t tracking down fat-assed Druze businessmen who have stolen money from Somali warlords. I traveled to…

Matt Kriegel Bday Ramp Jam 2009

Our Art Director Has A B-Day Party

Matt Kriegel turned 34 on Saturday so he made a flyer and had a backyard BBQ/Ramp Jamp at his house. Our good homie Aaron Scott made a little video. Watch it if you care in…

Guide to Wilderness Survival


Right now we are witnessing the beginning of the end of civilization. Our economy is unraveling right before our very eyes. Fear not my friends, we are going to be just fine, but…

Words by Kendall Klopfenstein. Photos By Deville Nunes

Jordan Hoffart

Jordan Hoffart Jordan Hoffart skateboards better than I do. Jordan Hoffart has a more illustrious film career than I do. Jordan Hoffart actually has a girlfriend. The envy doesn’t just stop there. This…

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