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Marc “Shockus” Delellis


MARC SHOCKUS DELELLIS This week, the world lost an amazing human. Sadly our friend, Marc Shockus Delellis died on Tuesday. Shockus was not only kind hearted but he had a way about him…


Wes Kremer Forever

It seems like just yesterday that Wes was just a bright-eyed little whipper-snapper making mince meat out of the quarter pipe in my driveway. Now look at him! He is now the proud…


Santa Salsa

I love when we get footage from far away lands. The ability to witness the thriving skate scenes in Third World Hell holes more than makes up for the average skateboarding. This is…

Poor little guy's just a little sleepy

The Chupacabra Lives And Then Dies

Today is the Best Day Of Our Lives! The Chupacabra is real and CNN’s got the footy to prove it! Poor little guy’s just a little sleepy.

Fun Times At Woodward West

Fun Times At Woodward West

I almost never post videos that companies put together to promote their shit, especially if it’s some lame generic skate park footage. This is one of those rare cases where the quality is…

Chad Knight Falls Down_v2

Chad Knight Falls Down!

On friday night I was filming at Syndrome for my “FKD rider of the week” segment in aug. I fell on a ledge that runs next to a square railing, spun around and…

Automatic Twitterific

Automatic Twitterific

You are going to want to follow us on that Twitter website. We’re going to be taking retardedness to a whole new level.


Humble Pie

I’ve been seriously remiss in my blog duties,  but seeing as how I’ve haven’t ridden a skateboard in over four months I just haven’t had much to write about.  But, to keep Migdol…

Milhouse Militia

Milhouse Militia

Back when I was in high school (over a decade ago, christ…) some friends and myslef put out a few issues of a little ‘zine.  It made for fun times, until we nearly…

Tales From The Triple Set

Tales From The Triple Set

Red Bull erected a Triple Set at NC Boardshop in Los Gatos CA and let some dudes play with it. Words By Donovan Dresti. Photos by Sean Rossmiller This was the second year…


W.S.V.T. Go Skate Day

Washington Street Skatepark is having a fund raiser at the park on Go Skateboarding Day. The Shitter Jam will be the only event worth going to on Go Skateboarding Day.


Stache-Thlete Patrick Melcher

What do you do when your skateboarding career falls a bit short? Take up competitive Facial Hair growing like Patrick Melcher. Patrick made the long trip up to Anchorage Alaska and is now…

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