Adam Dyet Interview

Adam Dyet

Adam Dyet. Words by Dave Amador

Adam Dyet interview words by Dave Amador.

Adam Dyet

[1] Adam Dyet likes to sing along and dance to anything top forty.
[2] Adam Dyet is an avid fisherman (nothing wrong with that).
[3] Adam Dyet has a criminal record starting at the age of 16.
[4] Adam Dyet calls his girlfriend at least a 100 times a day.
[5] Adam Dyet is addicted to gambling.
[6] Adam Dyet thinks he quit smoking weed (his weed dealer thinks otherwise).
[7] Adam Dyet likes his hair so much that he lives with a hair stylist.
[8] Adam Dyet cannot parallel park.
[9] Adam Dyet constantly owes me 50 dollars.
[10] The only reason Adam Dyet would ever move to California is for IN & OUT Burger.

Kickflip Shifty. Photo: Dan Zaslavsky

Kickflip Shifty. Photo: Dan Zaslavsky

Do you feel any different when you wake up in the morning now that you’re no longer a struggling AM?
No, it’s all the same to me.

You’re from Utah, are you Mormon?
No I am not. My whole family has grown up Mormon but I never was into the whole thing. I was an outcast rebel.

Since you were an outcast did your parents treat you any differently?
No, I pretty much lived with mom my whole life. My dad hasn’t been there. I went to Mormon Church when I was really young until I was twelve and pretty much started skating. I pretty much quit going to church. My brother went on his mission; my mom was married in the temple. As for both of my sisters, one of them is active in the church. The other one isn’t.

So have you ever been a part of any weird rituals?
No weird rituals, maybe there are some going on over at my homey Isaiah’s house. He has thirty-two brothers and sisters. He has five moms and one dad. There might be some weird shit going on over there. I don’t know.

Would you have been kicked out of your clan, if you told your mom that you were gay?
No. My mom is the raddest person ever about everything. I am definitely not gay either. I would still be in the clan.

BIG SPIN FRONT BOARD TO FAKIE. Sequence: Dan Zaslavsky

BIG SPIN FRONT BOARD TO FAKIE. Sequence: Dan Zaslavsky

What is the worst thing you ever did growing up?
I was wasted at the skate park and I had a bottle of Captain Morgan’s or a bottle of Jack or something. Me and my homey Charlie, took my other friend Mike’s car to Albertsons to get some chasers so we could drink it. After we had the chasers my friend Charlie was driving and he didn’t have a license. He pulled out of Albertsons and for some drunken reason ran up on a giant tree stump in an alleyway. When we hit my head hit the windshield and spider webbed it.  We had to have some dude help us get the car off the stump. We started shredding down the street and my house was only a couple blocks away.  We started blowing through stop signs and right before we got to my house we got pulled over by the cops. We both got arrested. We both got busted and I lost my license until I was 18. Getting busted sucked.

I’ve heard way gnarlier shit you’ve done. Is that the worst thing you can tell us?
No. Not the worst thing. I have done so many things as a kid. I torched my sister’s hair down until it was totally gone. I have burned down big shacks. I have done some pretty gnarly things in my time.


BACKSIDE CRAILER. Photo: Dan Zaslavsky

Do you plan on living in Salt Lake your entire life?
I don’t know. I just got a sick new place. It’s a penthouse. It overlooks the whole city, so I plan on staying here at least for a little while.

You’ve recently gone through some sponsorship changes, who’s hooking it up?
Lost Clothing, Dark Star, Bones, Nixon, Skatepark Of Tampa (Party Team), Green Room and that’s about it.



Speaking of Green Room, let’s here a funny Lizard King story.
Lizard king is a kook. No I’m just kidding. I can’t say about the last time I was out at his place. I’m drawing a blank right now. His whole life is a mess, hang out with him once and you’ll have a story. [Editor’s note: For a fresh Lizard story turn to page 28. Good stuff. ]

Let everybody in on what happened to you last Halloween.
Oh, I dressed up as a fat ballerina. It was awesome. We went to this bar and a drunken hobo guy starts grabbing at his pants, like his cock area. All of a sudden he starts undoing his pants and he’s trying to pull them down. Me and my friends are like, “What the fuck, get the fuck out of here”. It was funny at first but then it started to get serious

So the real story is, this guy was hot for your Halloween get up and he wanted to jerk off on you. Am I right?
Yeah he tried to pull his penis out and he was looking directly at me. He thought I was some enormous whale or something.
He must have had a fetish for dudes dressed up like big fat chicks.

So, what goes through your head when you do a trick on a 20-stair rail?
Fucking grind it. I don’t think about the bad things, I only think about the good.


SEQUENCE BY Shawn Macomber

What other hobbies do you have outside of skating?
I like to go fishing a lot. I like chilling a lot, chilling is real good actually. I like to go camping when I can. Hanging out at the bar, though that’s not to much of a hobby. I really don’t do too much. I’m kind of a loser. I skateboard for a living.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t skating for a living?
I don’t even want to think about that. I don’t know, I was doing carpet before I got into skating. Maybe I’d be doing carpet or fuck I don’t know. I don’t have a mom that I could live off, so I’d be pretty much screwed.

Thanks to who?
Thanks to everybody. Lost clothing, grandma and mom, my girlfriend, you, Lizard, all the homies I skate with pretty much everywhere, anyone that helped me out, all the good times people, all the Skatepark of Tampa people, Chet Thomas, all of my sponsors, Chad Shetler, Rob Washburn and that’s pretty much it.

NOLLIE NOSE BLUNT. Sequence: Dan Zaslavsky

NOLLIE NOSE BLUNT. Sequence: Dan Zaslavsky

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