Dragon Eyewear Review

Dragon Eyewear

Words By Rory Parker

Dragon Eyewear
I sometimes wish I had the power to kill with my mind. There are so many people out there who should be dead. It just boggles my mind they can make it through the day without being run down by a car, or asphyxiated after trying to barbecue indoors. If I had my mind powers, the first group I’d kill off would be those dudes who wear sunglasses out at night. You know the guys I’m talking about, wanna be Guidos in three- quarter length leather jackets, messed up hair that took at least an hour to get ready, and a pair of baby blue tinted glasses to round out the number. They invade my town every weekend, driving in from the suburbs where they spend their weekdays working as real estate agents or insurance salesman or stock brokers or any number of idiotic, honor-less, money grubbing jobs. Oh well, I can take heart in knowing all that stress is slowly killing them and I’ll still be around long after their prostates have exploded.

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