Jake Smith | Issue 41

Jake Smith

 Jake Smith

18 year-old Jake Smith is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Now he lives in San Diego California and works at Utility Boardshop in Del Mar.

I’ve seen Jake Smith skate in person a lot over the last year and a half, but I had never talked to him. I didn’t even realize it was him while I was doing this interview. But now that I know who he is and started to get to know him better, I realized he is down to earth and easy to talk to. If he happens to be grip taping the board you just bought at Utility don’t be afraid to say, “what’s up” and bullshit with the dude, ‘cause he’s a good human-being from Utah.

The Utility you work at is in a pretty wealthy neigh-borhood right? Do you get a lot of dudes coming by and buying white all white shoes?
Jake Smith: Yeah there’s a bunch of rich kids like that with like big lifted trucks and stuff.

Do you guys ever make fun them after them leave?
Jake Smith:No we make fun of them while they’re in there.

Is that what you do to kill time while your working? Talk shit about them?
Jake Smith:Yeah all the time. They wear sunglasses on the back of their heads, and they wear hats and push the brims up, and they wear Skin shirts and just stuff like that.

I know there have to be a lot of MILFs in Del Mar, do they ever come into the shop?
Jake Smith:Yeah they always come in with their kids and offer to buy them seriously anything they want.

Do you get any coming by regularly?
Jake Smith:Yeah there’s this one, with purple hair, drives a pimped out Lexus. She always brings her kid in, and seriously clears out the racks—buys so much stuff.

You probably don’t have the common problem that most other shops have with too many winos com-ing by?
Jake Smith:Uh not really the security guard always looks for the weirdos coming in, but today there were a couple of crackheads in there, it was weird.

I gotta ask, you being from Salt Lake City you ever go jump in the lake to wash off a hard day of skat-ing?
Jake Smith:I did when I was little, but I haven’t forever because it’s pretty gross in there. There’s so much Salt, your body just floats on top of the water.

So what’s it like growing up in Utah, learning to skate there?
It was pretty hard at first, because there wasn’t really any skateparks for a while. Now when I go back there they’re skateparks everywhere, and people getting so good over there. The Lizard King came out of there.

You ever get any chicks coming in there trying to pick up on you?
Not me. I’m kinda of the ugly one. But there’s this dude that works there, we call him Latino Heat. He used to have a mullet and a mustache. He’s Mexican. He used to always get on girls in there.

You want to thank anyone?
Everyone at Utility, Brock at Binary Skateboards, Snug-gles, and SOS Crew.

Snuggles, the Fabric Softener bear?
No, that’s my brother.

Your brother is the Fabric Softener bear?
No, my brother is Snuggles.

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