Kellen James | Issue 36

Kellen James

Kellen James Shop Talent Automatic Magazine

Interview by Brian Kelly. Photos by Tadashi Yamaoda.

21-year-old Kellen James was born in Rochester N.Y. Heís been skating for 7 years now. If you are lucky you might see him unleashing his clean and natural style of skateboarding upon the many beaten spots of San Diego. He is sponsored by Savant Skateboards, Etnies Shoes, Pig Wheels and of course Street Machine skate shop, where he has also been working for about a year.

Kellen James what is your favorite trick right now?  You like those bigspin flips don’t you?
Yeah but Cab back tails are my favorite.

Being downtown, you see any crazy people around or coming inside?
Shiiiit (smiles). Not to name names or anything.

Are there some crazy people that come inside that we would know?
I don’t know who reads this.

What is the sketchiest thing to happen in the shop?
Probably crack heads coming in and freaking out.  Not too long ago some crack head came in and started yelling, “STOP MESSING WITH ME”.

Did you throw him out?
Nah we just kind of left him alone and he made his way out of the shop.

Is there any issue you would like to address to the skateboard community?
I want to see more lines.  Old school style lines, bring it back a little.

Have you ever caught anybody stealing anything?
Nah everyone is pretty cool who comes in here.

Who lurks the hardest at the shop?
I don’t want name any names.  This really tall kid, lurked the most.  He had to go.  We just told him he had to go.  He had a really bad attitude and was not fun to be around.

Have you ever hooked up with a chick that walked into the shop?
Nah I have a girl friend.

How fast can you grip a board?
I am pretty fast.

Kellen James Crooked Grind

Kellen is very skilled at diplomatically removing crack heads from the shop. Krooks!

I work here and have seen Sheffey around.  What’s the craziest Sheffey incident you’ve ever seen?
Coming in the shop dipped in paint, working on some art project or something.

Was he green or silver?

Like the Incredible Hulk! Damn. What kind of stuff annoys you working here?
Kids coming in all the time and bugging me for used decks.

Tadashi wants to know, why didn’t you show up to the Battle of the Shops contest?
Well, I’m just, uh, not into the whole competition thing.  I’m more into going out with my friends skating.  I don’t know.  It makes it seem more like work.


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