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 Michael Prince 

Michael Prince

Michael Prince Interview By Migdol

Michael Prince first entered my radar during this yearís Battle of The Shops. Michael skated the handrail for Asylum Skateshop and absolutely killed it. No offence to Asylum, but I was quite surprised that such a small grass roots shop had that caliber of talent on it’s team. Michael not only skates for Asylum but also works there on a daily basis, if you happen to find yourself in Oceanside California one day, stop in and see if he is still wearing his W.A.S.P. shirt.

Michael Prince  how long have you been working at Asylum?
For like 6 months.

What do you like about working there?
There are a lot of boobs walking around.

Does Michael Prince  try to get on any of the girls that come into the shop?
Yeah for sure, it doesn’t usually work too well but I try.

Has using your status of working at a shop haven’t helped you to pull any girls?
There have been a few.

Give us a break down of your game when a girl comes in.
I can’t reveal my secrets.

What is Michael Prince’s facisanition with 80′s hair bands?
I just like music that rips. I am in a band called Brave Heart.

Yeah what instrument you play?
Actually I am currently the drummer. We will be out soon.

What? Brave Heart isn’t even a band yet?
It started but we haven’t realized it.

Backside Tailslide. Photo: Lusteg

So guys haven’t actually picked up any instruments yet?
Yeah we’ve picked up instruments. We rock.

So you guys are like an air band? You pretend to play your instruments?
Yeah right, dude, we rip. It is a way of life. We rip on instruments and pull chicks.

So why don’t you tell us about this super big sketchy girlfriend you’ve got.
I don’t know she is not too sketchy.

So tell us about her, I heard that she is like 6’5″ and has very big bones. How tall are you?
I don’t know like 5’8”.

Okay she’s 6’5″ and you’re 5’8″? I heard she could kick any dude’s ass. Is she your bodyguard?
Nah, she’s got big boobs though.

I heard you guys hook up in her car. How does that work?
Yeah we do once and a while.

Are you guys in love?
Love. Nah.

Are you going to marry her?
No I am not going to marry her.

No why not? She’s going to beat you senseless when she reads this and finds out you’re not going to marry her?
Maybe. My friend Jermine got tackled by a security guard for skateboarding behind Regal Cinema the other day. And my friend got the footage.

Let’s put that footage up on our website so when people read this they can check that footage out (automaticmag.com). Let’s talk about your lack of hygiene for a second. I heard that you’ve been wearing that Wasp shirt for like 4 months non-stop.
Yeah dude, I’ve got to wear it till it falls off.

They let you work at the shop all scummy like that?
Yeah they get pretty upset but it’s not too bad, it’s just a shirt.

I also heard you peed and puked all over your pants and you never took them off or washed them because you didn’t want the color to fade.
Of course, once you wash your pants you don’t get the same feel or fade out of them.

What if you had diarrhea and you shit down the back of your pants, would still wear them unwashed?
Yeah, well, it kind of adds to the fade of the pants.

What’s up with your hair? I heard that you are loosing it because you straightened it too many times.
Nah I’m not losing it. It’s not bad.

Why should someone go shop at Asylum if you are working there? Should they avoid the shop while you are working there or should the come and visit you?
They should only come in if I am working there.

Who are Michael Prince’s sponsors?
Oliver from Deluxe is hooking me up; Dana from Vans is hooking me up, and Asylum.


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  1. Wow why is the interviewer such a freakin d1ck?

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