Mike Franklin | Issue 52

Mike Franklin

Words by Jay Riggio. Photos by Kimathi Smith

Words by Jay Riggio. Photos by Kimathi Smith

So, Mike Franklin why does everyone call you Owen?
My name’s Mike but for some reason when I was eleven I was a little shithead. I caused all sorts of trouble and I totally looked like a douchebag. For some reason everyone told me I looked like an Owen.

How long have you been at Active?
Mike Franklin: I’ve been riding for them for a couple of years but I’ve been working for the shop for 8 months.

How much do you make an hour at Active?
Mike Franklin: I think it’s like 7 bucks an hour. I don’t even look at my check.

Really? Dude, you are getting gypped. White Castle down the block from me pays $7.50 an hour.
Mike Franklin: I don’t care really. I only work like three days a week for extra gas money and stuff.

You are pretty good, I heard. How many decks can you ollie?
Mike Franklin: I don’t know, I haven’t done that since I was ten years old. I don’t know maybe 8 or 9. That’s probably a lot more than what I can do but whatever.

What’s up with the chicks that come into the shop?
Mike Franklin: Oh man, whew, they’re super hot, blonde hair, brown hair dude, short skirts. They’re just like amazing MILF sluts.

Mike Franklin: Dude they’re everywhere. When you’re driving, 3 out of 5 cars have a hot mom in them. All these super hot moms driving a Range Rover bringing their kids to soccer practice, oh man, they’re so hot.

How old are these women?
Mike Franklin: Probably, fuck I don’t know, in there 30s and 40s. I don’t even care how old they are. If they’re old enough, I’ll still hit it.

Have you ever railed one of these aging creatures?
Mike Franklin: Yeah, I banged a 32 year old once. I was pretty proud of myself man.

My buddy used to work at this fried chicken place and when the manager was away, he’d dip his nuts in the mashed potatoes. Ever do anything weird to the product in the shop?
Mike Franklin: Oh no man. Nothing like that. We mess around and stuff but that’s just crazy. Oh man!

Back to the MILFS you speak of. What will it take to bang a MILF in the shop?
Mike Franklin: I don’t know man; it’s harder in the shop. Maybe try and hook their kid up with an old board or something and be real nice to’em and then pull a sneak attack real quick and see what happens.

How are the girls who work with you?
Mike Franklin: Oh man, my manager Sean. He’s pretty good at hiring hot chicks. Of course they have to be really smart, but he makes sure they’re really good looking too. He’s doing a pretty good job.

Where is the best place in the shop to make love to a lady?
Mike Franklin: There’s probably a bunch of good places to do it. Maybe on top of the shoe rack?

You would probably want something soft, no?
Mike Franklin: Personally I’d like to do it on the front counter, that’d be hot. But there’s a really comfortable couch. I haven’t done it yet, but I’ll be working on it.

Cool, Mikey. Any sponsors?
Mike Franklin: Foundation (flow), Pig wheels and bearings (flow), Dekline footwear (flow) and Active of course. I get clothing from the Hundreds too.

Mike Franklin Variel Heel Flip.

Mike Franklin Variel Heel Flip.

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