Scott Christiansen | Issue 42

Shop Talent – Scott Christiansen

Shop Talent - Scott Christiansen

Words by Migdol Photos by Randome

For this issue’s Shop Talent Migdol sits down with Scott Christiansen of United Boardshop.

What’s your deal Scott Christiansen?
Scott Christiansen: I don’t know man, just work, skate, and chill.

How often do you work at United Boardshop?
Scott Christiansen: 
I work every weekday, five days a week, all day.

Has anyone ever died in the shop?
Scott Christiansen:  
No never, thank God, not when I’ve worked here. Maybe over at the In & Out Burger, I have seen quite a few paramedics over there.

Probably a heart attack from eating too many burgers. Say someone had a heart attack while you were griping their board would you know how to administer CPR?
Scott Christiansen: 
Hell no, that’s when I pick up the phone and dial 911.

What if the paramedics took a long time to come.
Scott Christiansen: 
I would go next store to the day spa, there is a doctor that works there I’d have him come over.

Are there tons of hot girls going over there to be pampered?
Scott Christiansen: 
Hell yeah, everyday there are tons of hot girls that walk in.

Do you think anybody has ever been conceived in United Boardshop?
Scott Christiansen: 

What about like at night, when who ever was closing the store?  Nobody has had his girlfriend come in?
Scott Christiansen: 
Nah I don’t think any babies have been made here. I’ve heard a couple of stories though.

Let’s hear it, what happened?
Scott Christiansen: 
I don’t know if I want to get anyone in trouble.

Why do they still work there?
Scott Christiansen: 
Nah.  But it’s not really any of my business anyways.  It’s a good story.  Well basicly, one of the guys was helping out a customer while the other guy was behind the counter with one of his lady friends was under the counter giving him blowjob while he was ringing up a customer.  There are a couple of other stories but I don’t know the full details.

What’s the area like where the shop is?  Is it pretty wealthy?
Scott Christiansen: It’s a pretty good mix.  We’ve got ghetto kids that come up over the hill and we’ve got rich kids and we’ve got the average kids.

Who would you rather help in the shop, one of the wealthier kids or one of the kids out of the ghetto?
Scott Christiansen: 
The ghetto kids they have more flavor.   Most of the ghetto kids that come in here I skate with them all the time, they are just cooler kids, they know more about life and stuff than a little rich kid would.    Some of the rich kids are actually kind of cool, others come in with a big fat wad of cash and are like, “I want this, I want this, I want this.”

Has the shop ever been robbed?
Scott Christiansen: 
All the time.  Yeah I can think of one incident lately when this dude got a really expensive complete and a couple of pair of shoes and he asked for another pair of shoes and the guy who was ringing him up heard him say, “I’m out” and he went skating off. That’s about it – no crazy stories about guns or knives or anything.

Have you ever been hit on by a mom who was buying her kid a helmet?
Scott Christiansen: Not really but I’ve had them tell me I’ve got pretty eyes, that’s about it.  Nothing more than that.

Besides yourself who else is rides a skateboard really well that works there?
Scott Christiansen: 
The guy Adam that I work with, he’s good at skating and this other guy Zach is pretty tight.  Then there is this other idiot Sean that works here he’s just a bro he can’t skate for shit. He’s cool though.

Do you let people use the bathroom at the shop?
Scott Christiansen: 
Not anymore because they plug it up.  I’d send them next door after they buy their shit.

Who are your sponsors?
Scott Christiansen: 
Venture, Accel Wheels, BK hooks it up with some Sole Tech shoes and United.

Shop Talent - Scott Christiansen

Scott Christiansen: Switch Kickflip


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