Jeff Blue Wright | Issue 35

Jeff Blue Wright

Jeff Blue Wright

Interview & Photos by Ryan Lusteg

This Issue we take a gander at SurfRide’s Jeff  “Blue” Wright .  If you spend your time gripping boards, answering dumb questions, and catching shoplifters you just might find yourself upon these pages also.
Everyone knows you as “Blue,” but what is your real name?
Jeff Wright

How did you get the nickname “Blue”?
When I started skateboarding I had to wear a blue helmet, cause my dad made me wear a helmet.

How long did you have to wear a helmet for?
Probably for like a couple of years, my dad thought I was gonna fall and crack my head open.

Did that contribute the least bit to why you are so gnarly now?
Probably not, I’m not too much of a gnar hog.

Well then, what gets you hyped to jump down the massive stuff that you do?
I don’t know, sometimes you just gotta get some footy.

Is there anything in particular that goes through your head while doing such things?
I don’t know.

Switch Kickflip

Well you do jump down some big shit, so your obviously gonna be in the air for a while, what do you think about?
I don’t even really notice what’s going on when I’m doing the trick.  The roll away, is all I’m lookin foward to.

Have any interesting things happened while you working there at the shop? Like anyone ever pee on the floor or anything like that?
One time this bum was outside and came up close to the door and the alarm went off.  He didn’t even come in. It was kind of weird.

That’s not so interesting.  No one’s ever peed or thrown up in the store that you had to clean up?
No one’s peed on the floor but kids have spilled drinks we’ve had to clean up.  Sometimes the bathroom gets pretty haggard.  Onetime someone left a huge lunker in there.

You ever have any bitchy soccer moms come in and complain about anything?
Kinda, they complain that it is ridiculous that they have to pay 50 bucks for a deck.

You ever make fun of people after they leave the shop?
Sometimes we make fun of their steeze.  Like the jock guys come in for the big Independent sticker.

What other kind of characters stop in?
Nate Sherwood came in the other day.  He was riding by on his bike and we looked out the window and he saw us so he locks up his breaks, “eeeeerrrrt”.  My friend Cooney who works here had a broken wrist was here and Nate goes, “yeah I recognized that cast, that’s why I came in. “  Also the fat guy from Mad T.V. came in here.

Why would you rather skate gaps and rails opposed to a ledge and or manual pad?
Manual pads and ledges are just too frustrating for me. I get mad.  It takes too long sitting there, skating, and burning in the hot sun.  I prefer grinding down a sick rail and getter sicker footy, plus its way just more fun to watch.

Blue brings up a valid question: Why is the jock so attached to the Indy Logo? Backside Tailslide

What motivates you to keep raising the level when you are skating?
I like cactus coolers.  A lot of times people buy me cactus coolers if I roll away from a trick, so thats defintely motivating.

Is there anyone you look up to in skating or that gets you psyched to go skate?
Definitely all the homies, the Encinitas crew; Jordan Taylor, Merced Perez, Tyler Adams Hawkins and Robert Smith.

Does music have anything to do with getting psyched up to go skate?
Sometimes, hearing some serious perm flows definitely hypes me up.

Since you just finished school what do you plan to do?Hopefully I can move up with Legacy, I’d be pscyhed, but thats not up to me. I’ll just keep skating and work at Surfride and hopefully it will all work out in the end.

Any thanks?
Dana fool and Lusteg, Cooney the Commander, Alex The Scorpion King, Tracker Dan, Surfride Boardshop, Legacy Skateboards (Flow), Tracker Trucks, Osiris Shoes, Planet Earth Clothing (Flow), And All The Carlsbad And Encinitas Homies. No Thanks To Cheap Ho’s And Bro’s, Security Guards And The Heat. No One Likes The Heat, Heat Mind Your Own Buisness! Soory If I Forgot Anyone, Thanks!

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