Steven Bey | Issue 37

Steven Bey

Steven Bey

Interview by Migdol.  Photos by Tadashi Yamaoda

Steven Bey Works at Pharmacy Boardshop. In this interview we Steven Bey about hot shop moms, theft, and vomit. Read on little buddy.

What is your story? Who is Steven Bey as a person?
I am a skateboarder from the desert.  If it weren’t for the shop I wouldn’t be doing anything.

Do you get a lot of desert trolls coming in the store?
Yeah we get a lot of those kids coming in and asking us questions.  We have a tight crew out here that skates and all the local kids know us.

What is the sketchiest thing to ever happen in the shop?  Anybody come in and throw up on the floor or anything like that?
I haven’t had that happen since I have been here but the shop used to be in the ghetto of Palmdale and people would come in who were on drugs they would mess stuff up.  One time we were having a sale and someone tried to come up on some shoes and he had to get escorted out.  Another time we would skate behind shop and we were working on getting the shop open and cops came and tried to bust everyone for skating back there. This kid lost his shoe and the cops tried to figure out who the kid was.

Like Cinderella and the glass slipper?
Yeah they had young kids hand cuffed behind the shop.  It was a whole ordeal.

Are there any hot skate moms out in Palmdale?
Hell Yeah.

Do any of your friends have any hot moms?
Yeah this one kid Josh who skates with us his mom is pretty hot.  We give him a hard time about it.  There are a couple of kids at the old shop who had moms that everyone thought was hot.

Did anyone try and hook up with Josh’s mom?
A couple people have tried.

How long has Steven Bey been working at Pharmacy?
I’ve been working here for a good three years. But I have been around the shop since the day it opened.

Were you a lurker at the shop before you started working there?
I was just a kid who would just come down and help them out and any way I could, they would give me a free tee shirt and stuff.

So yeah you were a lurker.  Have you ever had any problem with anybody having really bad body odor and trying on clothing then putting it back on the rack?
I have but he was also a friend that I skate with, his name is Chris.   He would come in here after skateing and try on a Pharmacy shirt and it wasn’t the right color or it didn’t fit him or whatever.  The dressing room would smell so bad.

What is the store policy on body odor?
We keep the shop pretty cool so it usually isn’t that much of a problem.

What are your plans what do you want to do with your life?
I want to do something that has to do with skateboarding, in the industry or running a shop or skating.

After your bosses read this they might make you sign a nondisclosure contract to ensure you don’t open a shop of your own.  Do you want to thank anyone?
I want to thank Pharmacy.

Steven Bey

Steven Bey Willy Grind


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