Traci Green | Issue 56

Shop Talent - Traci Green

Portland OR.

Including your current employment at the Office, how many years have you worked in a skate shop?
Four pretty damn good years. Where else can you work and skate a mini-ramp at the same time?

Traci, as a female, you aren’t entirely exempt from the obligatory MILF question. We’ll just have to modify it. Would you prefer Dad or Dude instead of Mother?
That’s a tough one, there are lots of dudes and I’ve seen some pretty hot dads.

So you’re saying the Office keeps your imagination running?
Sure, but nothing worth jumping over the counter for.

What the dumbest question you’ve heard at the shop?
Do you guys sell scooter wheels here?

How would you describe you grip-tape application technique?
Exceptional. I can teach you how to do it, so that I never have to do it for you again.

Roughly how many hours out of each work day is there an open container at the Office?
Well, we’re open for eight, so… eight.

Is there really a direct phone line for the Office at Roscoe’s Bar across the street?
No, that’s a myth, but there should be.

Do you guys ever use product to pay for beer at Roscoe’s?
No, never. Wink, wink. But Little Forrest conned the bartender out of six pitchers for what she thought was a key to the store.

Who rips the Grenade warehouse the hardest?
Willis (Kimbel), for sure, unless Danny’s in town. Willis just took third in the Corporate Couch Tour.

Beer or Whiskey?
Stella and Jameson, you buying?

Street or Park?
Just fuckin’ skate.

Dogs or Cats?
Oly, the dog.

Bladers or BMX?
Neither. Concrete chippers not welcome.

Strip Club or Dance Club?
Dive bar.

Businesses that you want to make money.
The office, Ocean Pulse in Newport, Pabst Brewing Company for making Olympia beer, Jivaro from the Savage Northwest.

Traci Green

Layback Grind | Photo: Carrine

Traci Green

Hand Down Carve Grind over the Shallow End Stairs. Sequence: Kyle Bunker

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