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Alex Horn

Alex Horn


Some skaters are born with style, some create it, and some just try to hard to mimic it. Alex Horn was definitely born with style. You can see where his influence comes from with legendary style icons like Jimmy Acosta, Pat Nogho, Hosoi, and Blender. I remember vividly the first time I skated with Alex. It was at the PB Bowl. Alex was just a little kid ripping through all the corners and hips with such effortless style. It was the little things he was doing that made his skating so easy to watch. The subtle hand motions, head movements, and over all flow of his lines were super clean. You have to appreciate good style. Can you picture a skater with butt style, it makes you cringe to even watch. Alex’s style is an over all phenomenon and you have to appreciate it. Alex’s effortless style crosses over into his attitude as well, and Alex has one of the best attitudes around. You get to know one’s attitude very well when you travel around together.  Lately, Alex has been traveling around a lot to places like Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Spain, Italy and Mexico. He told me a couple of details about his journeys, but I wanted to catch up with him to get the whole story. So, we took a couple skate/surf trips together and he filled me in on some of the details.

Where have you been skating lately? 
Lately, I guess the normal Claremont sessions past 4pm and some early bird sessions at the local burt concrete parks around.  I am hyped on the little parking lot  area sessions we got going at  C-mont, single T’s and Ski’s…. and I got to shred for a month in Europe. That was an insane time.Alex Horn

Any kill stuff in Spain? 
We hit Spain last on our trip and the weather was not the best, but we did get a few fun sessions in at Jose Noros local spot on the hill in Barcelona.  It’s an old mini bowl that he converted into and soon to be rad capsuled off area with pool coping that he drove over from France that was heavy as shit! We also got to hit that old Alcobendez Park in Madrid, which was kill.  We also hit some fun old red concrete, a few bowls and lots of boom cigs.  That was the last day of the trip; we were haggard and still had a good time.  I love Spain.   That trip turned out really good I thought, we had a rad crew that all got along which I think is pretty important.  It was John Ponts, Chet Childress, Jason Adams, Ben Giley, Rhino, Preston, and myself.  All the guys were super easy to be around and no one had a single blowout the whole time. Well, maybe a few blowouts, but that was from the food. It was an all around fun crew.  I just wanted to skate as much as possible and have a rad time while I was out there. I got to do that, so… yeah it turned out good!

Alex Horn

Stylish Table Block at Russ and Steve’s ramp. Photo:Blaire

Any goods in Mexico?
Yeah, some good cold brew.  Pescadero surf camp has a kill pool that you hold your breath on and weave through the bar stools that sit up against the bar. Heavy chill time. Oh yeah, they have a skatepark 200 feet away too and a new bowl popping up about 4 hours south of San Diego.

What do you pack when you go on your trips?
Most likely one nice sized backpack with all my clothes, many socks, skateboard, extra gear for bartering, a little cash, herbicide, and my walkman with tapes!

Alex Horn Stalefish

Stalefish over the channel. Photo:Rhino

What kind of music?
I usually blow it and can’t put the song that I want on the tape because I have a lot of burnt or scratched CD’s and they wont play on my little cd/tape recorder.  Usually I have lots of reggae/dub, metal mixes, SHED, Los Tigres Del Norte? Whatever.

What are some of the best spots you got to skate out in Europe? 
I would have to say I had the most fun at the old skateparks outside of London, the ones like Romford and Harrow on the hill. Those ones have old bowls and cool looking snake-runs. I had a great time skating there! Also, there was a fun bowl park in Milan, which was semi Marseilles.  It had some hot lines available…a really cool super fast snake-run with these two mellow open bowls at the end of it. That was in France outside of Paris. Lots of other fun skate stuff to get involved in over there, I’ve gotta get back out there.

What are some of the best spots you got to skate in Mexico?
This cool little pool we found outside of town in rattlesnake-infested fields was pretty hot. It had the grossest water with frogs and other creatures living it.  I was pretty stoked to fall in it.  The park in Pescadero was cool too, had some good options.

Who went with you to Mexico?
Another rad crew was on the mission to Pescadero as well.  I went with Hewitt, Hitz, Wilburn, Hammeke, Naverette, Conklin, and Krahn. Love all those guys! We all just scavenged for brew, bartered for ponchos, cooked mexi-food and skated in the hot sun. It was a fun fuckin time, and everyone got along… which is key. Tokes are key too. Thanks 88 shoes and Hamnuckle!

Alex Horn Frontside Boneless

Ditch Boneless. Photo: Rhino

Any funny episodes on the trips? 
Euro Highlights would have to be Preston unknowingly stealing a pair of British g-strings from a liquor store in the hood of his sweater with help from Rhino, and the tour van turning into a moving bar on the way back to Barcelona from Madrid. Every kind of alcohol the gas station had was bought then consumed; it was a long short trip.  Chalba getting loose and just being funny ass crooked ass crooks.  Oh yeah and this girl from this French bar was trying to serve up saltyballsacks, poor girl.

What kind of boards do you bring on the trips? 
My standard board I guess, a Black Label or Red Kross 8.5. Usually that complete and an extra or two incase my board gets turned into dust.

Do you bring more than one setup, or do you cruise the universal setup?
I just bring my normal board and ride whatever we come across while we’re there. I have other setups, but on the road I just use the standard 8.5 comfortable all around skate.

Do you like riding 11-inch wide bomber boards?
Not really 11 inch but whatever is around, I have a bunch of different shapes and sizes that I will ride around on boards that are fun to carve on you know? Red Kross has some hot shapes that I test ride for them.  I love em.

What music have you been listening to lately…any favorites? 
I don’t think I really have a favorite music. Let’s see, I have been into these box sets of old reggae lately, there a bunch of them, but the best ones are the Trojan Rude Boy box set, the Trojan Skinhead reggae set, and the Ska boxset. 3 cds for 17 dollars not bad.   I always am hyped on SHED…. you guys rip! The Mexican channel 106.5 sometimes. Some Dead Boys too, I guess.

ALEX Horn Backside Tail Block

Backside Tailblock. Photo: Rhino

Who is Cranston?
He is an alternate personality involved in a drunken go-cart race

Who is helping you travel around?
Black Label/Red Kross took me to Europe and are taking me on some summer options as well.  I am 100% thankful for everything Lucero, Pope, Miao and N.B have done for me! From helping me with my skates and wheels, just (everything). Thank you guys, I am super stoked and always will be. ED

Who is helping you travel? 
Well, I just recently started going more places all thanks to Black Label, all the guys over there, as well as the guys at 88 shoes. I want to give extra thanks to you guys for involving me with the trips, that shit is so fun.

Who is helping you with product?
Red Kross Skateboards, 88shoes, 0L’84 clothing, Pacific Drive skate shop, and Randoms Hardware.

What’s in store for the future?
Well, for now I am just trying to skate as much as I can and hopefully get some little road trips going this summer.  Possibly head to Colorado or Washington, go skate and get on the road.  It feels good to be on the road. Mexico is going to be fun in the near future.  Plenty of trips south I think.

Are you going to live in SD forever? 
I don’t really know as of yet?  I  have  lived here in Pacific Beach since birth, and have been to a decent amount of places.  I would have to say, if not here, somewhere that you can skate and be near the beach or a place not to populated where it’s mellow. Where the hell is that?

Who do you want to thank? 
I would like to thank everyone at Black Label (Red Kross) for helping me out heavily: John, Russ, Tom and Neil.  Can’t thank all you guys enough. Ed, Lance and Nathan at 88shoes, thanks for all your help!!  Pacific Drive, Shannon at 84, Moffet, A. Scott, Benson, Hesh Crew for inspiration and comedy. 704 Dover ct., Rhino, P-stone, Brenden, Hamnuckle, Automatic Mag, everyone I skate with, and my family.

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