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Andrew Pott

Andrew Pott

Andrew Pott Interview By Migdol Photos By Broach

The few times I had seen Andrew Pott, it always appeared to me that he was a nice unassuming young man perhaps even a bit on the shy side.  This image I had of him was completely destroyed when I went and checked out his Myspace profile.  That I found was a player the likes of which have yet to be seen.  Andrew is a young pimp that could give the famous pimp Don Magic Juan a run for his money in the pimping department.  You’ll have to read it for yourself therefore I give you Mr. Andrew Pott in his own words…

“I’m a skateboarder from Belize but I was born and raised in LA I understand Spanish and speek a little and I speak Creole too that’s just slag English wit an accent. I love big white tees and Nikes. I’m always interested in trying new things and exploring.  If u was my girl and we had to make love I would throw in some Marvin Gaye, Usher, 112, Al Green, R Kelly, Avant. You know just to get the mood right. Before we start I would kiss u on your neck, that spot that makes your back tingle and work my way down, tell u how much I love u and how much u mean to me. ya I guess u can say I’m crazy but I’m only crazy because of you. Holla at ya boy, Drew daddy.”

Andrew Pott tre Flip. Photo: Broach

It’s looks like, from the Andrew Pott myspace profile, that you’re all about working some of your game on the ladies.
Oh, of course, MySpace is all about the girls, you gotta get the ladies on myspace.

I am amazed at your game, you are well beyond your years.
Yeah, I just just gotta lay it down for them.

How many girls has Andrew Pott hooked up with from myspace?
A couple.

Whats the jist of your game?
I just come out with crazy ass questions.

OK, Pretend I’m a 16 yr old girl on myspace.  What would you tell me?
Ok, I’m like, “Hey, how you doin? I’m Andrew.”  You know just give her the whole introduction of who I am what, what I do, and what I’m all about.  You know, then I start pimpin, like, “Whatchayou doin later on? Or something like that, have them come over“.

The caption of one of your shirtless photos of you ask, “Ladies, would you suck my nipple?”
Yeeha, You gotta try to be funny with it too.

Andrew Pott

Andrew Pott hard flip. Photo: Broach

Though Andrew Pott spews game like none other he was a surprisingly weak when it came to answering interview questions. Once I ran out of questions about pulling girls.  His one-word answers weren’t cutting it. In his defense most 17 year olds make terrible interviews.  I had come to find out that Andrew lives in Inglewood a suburb of Los Angles that has a long history of gang problems. I had wondered what Andrew’s family was like.  I mean, what type of family life gives rise to such a player?  Andrew told me that he and his family are tight, him mom and dad are still together they all hang out together regularly.  It’s always refreshing to hear about families that are close. Andrew’s dad played a big role in his skateboarding.  He was and continues to be behind his skateboarding career 100%. His dad bought him his first video which Andrew dissected every trick. Shorty’s, “Fulfill the Dream“ was the video he rewound the most.   As far as his game with the fairer sex his dad didn’t have much to do in that department.  Andrew learned that from his homies. After bringing up the subject of tours and girls the interview began to get interesting again.  So we’ll pick it back up now.  

Alright, so tell us about that time you were on tour in Miami and you got all emotional and started crying at dinner.
Aww, nawww.  I was just all faded.  I was just hyped on being on Shorty’s, like, it was like a dream since I started to be on Shorty’s.  I always looked up to like Muska and Sam and all those guys and I was just hyped to be with all those guys.  It was tight, and Peter Smolik was there, so I was just hyped to be with all those guys.

Right, so you started crying?
Yeah, I was all drunk or whatever and I was tripping and I just started crying like” I love Shorty’s.  I love you guys”  I was like, we were eating Sushi and I had this Meso Soup and I was like “This Meso Soup is SOOO good. I like it, I  like you guys.”  I was just out of it.

Andrew Pott. Kickflip.

Broach says you have an obsession with fat, ugly girls, is this true?
Ohh, I messed with a couple fat girls.  Y’know, big girls need love too though.

So is that the Andrew Pott tactic while on tour? Go for the ones with low self esteem?
Yeah.  Try to help them out.  It’s easy with like the big girls.  You’re just like, “oh, you look good.”  And you just mess with their heads or whatever, so it’s easy to get with them.

You are a predator!
Yeah, yeah. I’m pimpin, Yeah.

Who taught you how to do that?
This friend.  I usually chill with my homeboy, Henry Hawk.  He’s just like one of my tightest friends and we just go out and mess with girls and stuff.

Do you learned your moves from him?
Yeah, pretty much all my homies.

What’s a date like with Andrew Pott?
There is no dates, dude.  There are just like flings and whatever.  I never go on dates, I just go out.  I’m not a dating type of person.  I just want to get to know what you’re about and get’er done.

How’d you get into skateboarding?
When I was like 11, I seen this.  I my homie, Willy D had askateboard and I wanted to try it and I just skated it from there.

So when did you get your own board?
I don’t know, like.  I’m not sure.

When long did it take you to ollie?
I don’t know, probably, two days. I was learning tricks quick.

It seems like you got really good at skateboarding really fast.
Then I just started watching videos my Dad bought me.  I just started watchin them over and over in slow motion and where they’d put their feet and stuff.  I didn’t know anybody that was good at skating.   I just always skated with the same guys.  Some of my friends were over it and I just quit.  Videos helped me out a lot.

So you’ve always been a fan of Shorty’s.
Yeah yeah.

So how’d you wind up getting on Shorty’s?
I got sponsored at the 2003 Tampa Damn Am.  The Shorty’s team manager approached me, I had a couple videos on me so I gave him my “sponsor me tape” and he called me like a week after and he was like” I’m down to hook you up”. And I was like, “For sure!”.  So we went on the road trip and they saw me skate and I guess they liked what I did and they put me on the team.

So Shorty’s was your favorite team and then you just ended up on it, by chance.  That’s crazy.   It seem you are loaded with natural talent, do you think you have that same natural talent for getting girls?
Yeah, sure.

Which are you better at ?
Probably skateboarding.

Who are your sponsors?
Shorty’s skateboards, Venture Trucks, and Oakley Clothing, Transistion Skateshop in Carson.



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