COREY DUFFEL: The Autobiographical Interview


Interview by Corey Duffel.

Interview by Corey Duffel.

Hey ya rat-bastard, what’s taken ya so long to do this interview?
Piss off. Ya know, like, I been tryin’ to get stuff done. Yeah, yeah, I just been up to some good times, & stuff.

Oh yeah? Well, lemme take a wild guess: skateboarding and tryin’ to hollar at chicks
Yeahyeahyeah! There has been a lot of that stuff. Just skateboarding all the time, that’s fosure. I been going on lots of tours and it has been crazies. But I been back In the Creek  So it is radical bein’ back home and kicking out the jams with all my cats.

Which one of em fucktards ya been lurkin’ around with lately?
Well, ya see, when I get back into town I always have to see me mom and the rest of the family. But I am always lurking with Adam. He rocks ya world. It was pretty bad ass, his band; The Catholic Comb played the other day. So me an all the homies went. It was nice, n’ Sleazy. They are first and last suburban goth band. Ha ha. But also ya know I been out with Amy a lot too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm she is so pretty, not to talk to her would be a crime. I been tryin to holla at her for awhile now, but it ain’t working.  I just don’t understand the ladies.

Corey Duffel  5-0 180 out. Photo: Sean Cronan

Corey Duffel 5-0 180 out. Photo: Sean Cronan

So what’s up with that ugly pink car ya gonna buy?
What! It aint ugly, you douche bag!  It is gonna kick out the jams harder than you ever will. Awhh, this car is radical. So lemme give ya the info. It is a1963 mercury Monterey. It is a huge boat on wheels. I like em huge old cars. Oh yeah and it is a light colored pink and it is awesome. When me and Adam lurk around in this bad boy the cute lil goth girls might dig us then. Also, it has bench seats. So it will be easy to have some teenage kicks in it. It is big. I bet it could smuggle like 8people over the boarder in just the trunk.
So, like yeahyeahyeah I hope to get it!

All right then, it sounds pretty good, I guess.  So let’s hear the scoop. All you knuckleheads at Foundation are working some video.
Yeah yeah yeah. It is supposed to premiere in October this year. It is gonna be called “That’s Life”. It could be hot.  I mean its gonna rock ya socks. We have the best team right now, I think. And everyone is gonna have amazing stuff. Ya, know, F videos always rock. We got personality at the F. Also there is an 88 video we’re starting to work on. That one is also gonna kick ass. 88 has such a diverse and awesome team. I can’t wait for that one. It will be out in like a year or something, I donno. I just know I am supposed to be filmin’ for it.

Corey Duffel Lipslide Photo: Sean Cronan

Lipslide Photo: Sean Cronan

Hey why does ya elbow look so jacked up? Ever thought maybe that’s why the chicks don’t like ya? I mean ya can’t attract a pretty girl with a Neanderthal elbow.
Haha, yeahyeah my elbow is crazies! It is so big just from scar tissue building up for the last 8 years or however long I been skateboarding. I looks 10 times bigga than my left one. But it looks kinda cool, because if I drew anchors on my arms than I could pull off the Popeye arms. Oh hell yeah! Haha. But what is also strange now is me toe. I was out skateboarding yesterday and me toe got mangled all up. The axle of my trucks smacked the heck outta it. It split my toe open down to the bone, gave me a black hole in it. And I think it broke the bone too. Stupid axle.

I know ya love’em cartoons, ya have one ya been watchin’ a lot lately?
Yeahyeah the toons are the best. I watch’em all the time. I am such a lil’ kid. It annoys people really bad that cartoons are the television I watch.  I love Beavis and Butthead. Huh huh. Those two bungholes rule! But I mean I like watchin’ all cartoons. I don’t even care what one it is. They all make me laugh.

Corey Duffel Ollie. Photo: Dave Swift

Ollie. Photo: Dave Swift

Any good tunes ya been rockin lately?
Oh, but of course, besides skateboarding. Music is the one thing I love. I like to try to play bass. But I love rockin’ out the tunes. Oh man, when I get the mercury ya don’t even know how many tunes I will be rocking in there. Well, if I were to tell ya about all my records n’ stuff. I would take to long. And I am getting hungry here. I need to go make myself a roast beef sandwich smothered in BBQ sauce. Well lemme tell all ya guys a good record to check out. The Avengers, their first album. It is really amazing. Hey hey we almost done here?

Yea yeah. Well, ya wanna tell anyone thanks for looking out?
No, they can all burn in hell. Yeahyeahyeah I want all my homies to know they rule and thanks. I would be nowhere if I didn’t have ‘em. Amy for bein’ the coolest girl I know. Thanks to me mom and the family. All those radical sponsors I got. 88 Footwear, Speed metal, Iron Horse, Sessions, Foundation, Pig, Westside records and Metro Skateboard Shop. Thanks! Ya all rock the Casbah!

Corey Duffel

Corey Duffel by Corey Duffel

All done. Now beat it would ya, you dodgey cunt.
Later, alligator.

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