Wes Kremer

Wes Kremer

Wes Kremer

Words By Kyle Wilcox

When we decided to do this interview with Wes Kremer, I was planning on just doing A basic Q&A write up, but then I realized I have no good questions to ask, and Wes I am sure, would not come up with any good answers. But then again who is actually reading this shit anyway? I don’t think anyone wants to read about who Wes’ favorite skater is, or what his dream session is, or even what board size he rides. That shit is all played, and no one really cares. Or if for some weird reason you do want to know all about Wes Kremer, ask him yourself on Facebook. He might think your a stalker, but just tell him it’s cool, that you really just want to get to know him better. After that you can try and get his number.

About a year and a half ago Migdol called me up looking get photos for Automatic’s annual grom issue.  He had this “brilliant” idea about making a kid wear a diaper while doing a trick for the cover.  I went through the list of youngsters in my head.  I thought about who I could get to do it for a bit. Trung wouldn’t do it, Tyler Surrey definitely wouldn’t do it,  “Oh”, I thought, maybe Marius would be into doing it, he’s European, don’t they go to the beach naked?  In the end Marius wound up being too cool.  Finally I thought of Wes.  He was fourteen at the time.  It was kind of an awkward question to bring up. “So Wes Kremer, what’s up?”  “Do you wanna go skate?”  “Where do you wanna go?” “Wanna to shoot a photo wearing a diaper for the cover of Automatic?”  Wes didn’t even think twice, he was down for it.

Wes Kremer

Wes Kremer Hardflip. Photo: Brendan Klein.

I always knew Wes Kremer wasn’t interested in impressing people, and really didn’t give two shits about what people thought of him, but olling a set of stairs wearing a diaper, bib, and sucking on a pacifier proved he could care less about his image.  Looking at the issue, you can only laugh for so long, until you get to the interview inside, and his photos shut you up really fast. Since that interview came out shit hasn’t really changed, I mean his skating has obviously progressed a lot, but character wise, Wes Kremer is still that little hyperactive pyro maniac we all love. He’ll either be in a corner lighting a fire, skating a line with one shoe on, or flinging a switch tre down some huge gap. Wes also has more impersonations than Andy Kaufman. Maybe Wes Kremer is a reincarnated Andy Kaufman?  Actually I don’t think I’ve heard Wes Kremer’s real voice in months. He’s either impersonating Smolik or someone else that I won’t mention because then they will know Wes mocks them and want to kick his ass.

Wes Kremer

Wes Kremer Switch Hard Flip. Photo: Fick

I can’t tell if this is over 500 words, and I’m pretty much over writing about Wes Kremer, so I better just start wrapping it up.  Shit, after reading this over, it kinda sounds like one big long shitty Check Out write up. I don’t think I ever finished reading one of those dumb paragraphs in TWS so I would be highly surprised if anyone besides his mom and dad are still reading this. If for some reason, maybe you’re dropping a deuce, or have no life, and are still reading, waiting for this shit to get good, well it doesn’t.

All I’ll say in conclusion is keep your eyes peeled for Wes Kremer because he’s on his way up. His voice is getting deep, he’s getting hair in his armpits, and he’s the new AM on Shorty’s. Look for his part in the next Shorty’s video, and the new Sun Diego video “The Day After Tomorrow” (Just kidding). Wes’ sponsors are Etnies shoes, Fury trucks, Ricta wheels, Electric sunglasses, and Sun Diego Boardshops.


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