The Shane Beschen Autobiography

Shane Beschen

Words about Shane Beschen by Shane Beschen

Words about Shane Beschen by Shane Beschen

For me, it’s all about life and the love that I can give, the choices that I have made and the chances that I have taken. Circumstances out of my control can cause me, Shane Beschen, to break.  I often wonder why did this happen to me?  And what does this mean?  Searching for answers in far away places, always pushing forward,  for personal survival is the only reason why we all try to stay alive, we strive and strive, sometimes not even knowing why were alive!

Shane Beschen Carve. Photo by Rob Keith

Beschen Power Carve. Photo by Rob Keith

The big dream that I have inside, I thought would never be, it is somehow lying right in front of me.  Most of us are too blind to see the guy trying to get in the left lane. We are busy talking on cell phones or having a shave and racing to where we are trying to be.

Shane Beschen Photo: Rob Keith

Shane Beschen can boost backside airs in case you didn’t know. Photo: Rob Keith

Life is so busy, its pace gets faster and faster. The chaos, the strain, if you let it, this life will drive you insane. I question reality over and over again: the law, the government, the wars with the never-ending killing, and the people on TV with blood on their hands, I pretend I don’t see; their reality is mankind’s bad dream.

Shane Beschen Photo: Death Weasel

Photo: Death Weasel

It only takes one small thing, one act of love to make you see how much life can really mean and for that moment everything fades and somehow you feel forever saved. I could ramble on and on about how strange life is, but I know one thing for sure: you get what you give!  ALOHA. spread it.

Shane Beschen self portrait.

Shane Beschen self portrait.




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