The Autobiography Issue

The Autobiography Issue Typically when a journalist interviews or writes about an individual they can paint whatever picture they want of the person. The end result is most often a total bunch of…


Ambiguous Revamp

Ambiguous is back with a new team, here’s what they had to say: COREY DUFFEL “I went over becuase of the jackets, they make some really sick jackets” JT AULTZ “I just want…


Memoirs of a Team Manager With Lance Conklin

Lance Conklin It is quite possible that there will be a moment in your life where you will be forced to rise to the occasion and become a hero. If you find yourself…

Daryl Angel Backside 180.
Photo: Dan Zaslavsky


LOVE In an effort to explore a more positive editorial path, we decided we should ask some of skateboarding’s great thinkers about the emotion of love. What could be more positive than love?…

Words By Rory Parker

Goofy VS Regular

The Etnies Goofy VS Regular contest at the Lake Forest Skatepark was an excellent example of a poor idea being perfectly executed.  I mean, who really cares if regular footed skaters are really better…

Automatic Magazine Issue36: Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal Encounters In the following pages we asked these high profile shredders what they thought of the supernatural and paranormal.  Turns out quite a few of these rippers have had some sort of…

Interview by Corey Duffel.

COREY DUFFEL: The Autobiographical Interview

COREY DUFFEL Hey ya rat-bastard, what’s taken ya so long to do this interview? Piss off. Ya know, like, I been tryin’ to get stuff done. Yeah, yeah, I just been up to…

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