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Riggio Goes Hollywood

Our very own Jay Riggio got to give a famous person a reach around! Look at Jay and Crispin Glover!

Jay's Wheat Thins Box

Dear Nabisco

Dear Nabisco Dear Nabisco- My name is Jay Riggio.  I am a professional writing man. I pair words together in exchange for a check that I use to buy things to help me…

Words By Jay Riggio


NINJA NY I should tell you that I’m a huge fan of the Ninja.  The bottom line is, ninja’s are just cool as shit.  They dress cool, they climb buildings like dope-ass, giant…

Words By Jay Riggio

Piss Buckets

Piss Buckets For the past two years, I’ve battled a violent and horribly painful, physical affliction.  This bastard of a sickness is commonly referred to as, kidney stones.  Kidney Stones are basically tiny…

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