By Jay Riggio

Skate Dopplegangers

Skate Dopplegangers Since most of this planet is obsessed with vanity and making themselves look more appealing, I recently began to ponder the issue of personal appearance.  If somebody looks as bad as…

CCS_Austin_fin_v2 copy

CCS Austin Opening | Hooking Fools Up!

  It’s no new news that CCS, is opening a skate shops all over the country, what is news however is that they are hooking fools up hard! To celebrate the grand opening…

Words By Kyle Wilcox

Wes Kremer

Wes Kremer When we decided to do this interview with Wes Kremer, I was planning on just doing A basic Q&A write up, but then I realized I have no good questions to…

Marius Syvanen: Inner Child interview

Marius Syvanen: The Inner Child of A Child

Marius Syvanen By analyzing a young man’s psyche close to the stage where the individual’s “Inner Child” is still a part of their external self we had hoped to gain insight into the…

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